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Learn About Our Juneteenth Picnic!

Members of the Black History Commission
Members of the Black History Commission at the 2018 Black History Month Celebration

Black History Commission
In 1991, a Black History Month Committee was formed in observance of Black History Month. Two years later, the then Town Board established a permanent Black History Commission to provide continuity in planning and organizing a Black History Night celebration each February. The purpose of these celebrations is to acknowledge and honor the contributions of Black Americans, both nationally and locally, while fostering an appreciation for Black culture and heritage in our your people.

Recognizing that celebrating Black culture should not be limited to one specific month, the Town Board unanimously passed a resolution expanding and broadening the scope of the Black History Commission, in January, 2014. This afforded the residents of Brookhaven the opportunity to attend the first ever Juneteenth event that was hosted by the Town on June 19, 2014.
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