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Town of Brookhaven Application Logs

Board of Zoning Appeals
The function of the Board of Appeals is to timely and responsibly address appeals from land use legislation and administrative decisions of Town officers and agencies, and to interpret the Town Code. Appeals from land use legislation include use and area variances, special permits, lighting, signage and land subdivision applications. Use the following link to view Board of Zoning Appeals decisions. Click on the "Summary" link for any Zoning Board of Appeals meeting to view the detailed decisions for the selected meeting. You may also use the "Search" box on the top right of the page.  View Board of Zoning Appeals Decisions Now!
Town Board Land Use Application Log
This log tracks Amendment of Restrictive Covenants, Change of Zone, Planned Development District (PDD) and Special Use Permit applications submitted to the Town Board. View 2018 Log --- View 2017 Log --- View 2016 Log --- View 2015 Log --- View 2014 Log
Planning Department Application Log
LD = Land Division 
RI = Road Improvement 
PS = Preliminary Subdivision 
FS = Final Subdivision 
RP = Revegetation Plan 
RC = Relief of Covenant Planning Board 
TC = Tree Clearing 
TH = Test Hole 
TS = Tap Street
RI = Road Improvement
View Application Log for Subdivision / Land Division / Road Improvement / Tap Street / Tree Clearing / Revegetation Plan / Relief of Covenant / Test Hole
Planning Department Site Plan
Site Plan Applications (including but not limited to commercial, industrial, attached housing and planned development district applications. View Site Plan
Historic District Advisory Committee Applications
Historic District Advisory Committee (HDAC) Applications. View Historic District Advisory Committee Applications
Change of Use Applications
Change of use applications (COU). View Change of Use (COU) Application