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Office of the Superintendent of Highways
1140 Old Town Road

Coram, NY 11727

(631) 451-9200, phone
(631) 732-2584, fax

Hours of operation for the Main office are: 
8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Vehicle & Equipment Repair Maintenance

The Highway Department's main storage yard and vehicle maintenance area is located at Old Town Road, Coram. Vehicles of all types are housed and dispatched from the Coram Headquarters. A giant scale is also housed at Coram, in order to weigh all incoming and outgoing shipments of materials and supplies, where accurate records must be kept.

The Highway maintenance area, equipped to repair virtually every vehicle and piece of equipment, is kept busy throughout the year. Everything from lawnmowers and power saws to cranes and heavy trucks are repaired in the Highway Department's maintenance yard.

If you've driven past the Coram yard during cold winter months, you've probably also seen the mountain of salt that is stored there from Fall through early Spring. Miles of snow fencing are also stored at the Coram facility, along with snow plows, cement blocks, bricks, lumber, tires, paint, and numerous other materials that are used in the everyday operation of the Department.

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Contact Information
» Dan Losquadro
  Superintendent of Highways
  (631) 451-9200
 » KelliAnne Sacchitello
  Secretary to the Superintendent