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Free Energy Audit
Long Island Green Homes helps Brookhaven residents increase the health, safety and comfort of their homes while saving money and reducing carbon emissions. Brookhaven residents now have access to:

• FREE or reduced cost energy audits
• Installation services by accredited Building Performance Institute (BPI) contractors*
• Cash incentives up to $5,000 in some (income-eligible) cases
• Low-cost financing – currently 3.99% or 3.49% with auto pay*
• On-bill recovery financing through LIPA (up to $25,000 at 2.99%), paid on your LIPA bill
Funded through the Department of Energy in cooperation with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)

Energy Efficient Home
Benefits of Home Performance!
• Lower utility bills
• Increase home comfort
• Eliminate drafty rooms
• Add selling value
• Increase home durability
• Improve indoor air quality
• Resolve & prevent moisture related problems
• Avoid health & safety issues
• Reduce allergies
• Eradicate too cold or hot areas of the home

How to Apply
Click here or call 518-862-1090 for an application
• Fill out application & attach 12 months of energy usage (from LIPA and your oil or gas company)
• Wait for your NYSERDA reservation number via e-mail and postal mail
• Set up an appointment for your free energy audit

Improving the energy efficiency of homes can save homeowners up to $700 each year
Town of Brookhaven Office of Energy and Sustainability - 518-862-1090