Keep Brookhaven Beautiful!

 One of Brookhaven’s most passionate priorities is to promote and inspire people from all walks of life to actively participate in becoming more eco-friendly. The Great Brookhaven Clean-Up and our Green Gazette have helped spread the three magical words- reduce, reuse, and recycle- to our residents and this page is dedicated to its further implementation for residents, businesses, teachers, and students

e clean and green! In the Residents links, calculate your ecological footprint and discover ways to make your home green.  How-to’s and tips are also available on composting and where to buy energy efficient household products. 

Want to cut costs at work? The Business links can help your company reduce spending (and harmful emissions) through eco-friendly products. For the entrepreneur, there are links on how to start a ‘green’ business and where to find eco-friendly building materials.

School administrators, teachers, and students will have fun in the School and Fun Zone links.  Learn ways on how to create school environmental programs, contests, lesson plans for teachers, and activities and online games students can take part in, in school and at home. 

Keep up on town environmental news and community events with our Green Gazette! The Green Gazette also offers great opportunities where you too can get involved and help make our town a Green-haven!  


Recycle? Why should I??? 

It's the law... 

Recycling is mandatory under State and Town law. Residents, businesses, and institutions that do not recycle can be fined.

It saves taxpayer's money...

It costs the Town more to dispose of garbage than it does to recycle.

It's good for the environment...

Recycling removes a significant amount of material from the waste stream, thus saving room in landfills and reducing the amount of energy needed to process waste.

It conserves natural resources...

Recycling materials significantly reduces the amount of natural resources removed from the Earth. Natural resources conserved by recycling include trees, petroleum, bauxite, iron ore, and sand.

Why can't the Town separate the recyclables from the garbage?

Once recyclables are mixed with garbage they are rejected by the recycling industry due to contamination