At least three times every week, carters under contract to the Town of Brookhaven Department of Waste Management provide residents of 1-, 2- and 3-family homes with curbside collection of household solid waste.

In instances where the carter is not complying with the contract, a phone call to the Department of Waste Management (451-TOWN) will alert us to the problem. Complaints from residents are recorded in our computerized system and tracked. Carters are notified of each complaint. If a pattern of non-compliance is found, financial penalties are imposed and in severe instances, contracts with specific carters have been canceled. Therefore, if service is not as it should be, we need you to alert us as often as necessary. 

Residents are required to...

Carters are required to...

  • Prepare household waste in no larger than 32 gal. cans and weigh no more than 50 lbs
  • Not tie lids to cans
  • Place cans in front of their house, at the curb prior to 6 a.m.
  • Properly bundle and bag all waste items (no loose items will be collected)
  • Only put out a maximum of 4 bulk items at a time on your 2nd collection day
  • Not put waste in cardboard cartons
  • Follow the collection schedule for their area
  • Collect an unlimited number of 32 gal. containers/bags/bundles of household waste (under 50 lbs each) twice a week
  • Collect 4 additional bulk items on the last collection day of each week
  • Collect designated recyclables separate from garbage, once a week on Wednesday
  • Return empty cans and lids to the point from which they were picked up
  • Clean up any spillage caused by the carter
  • Sticker and leave solid waste that is not placed at the curb according to code (which includes exceeding the 4 bulk item limit)
  • Collect recyclables separate from other solid waste
  • Pick up between 6 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.


Brookhaven Town has gone single stream. What does “single stream” mean? It means residents no longer have to separate recyclable paper products from recyclable metal and glass items. Now all these items can be recycled together. So every Wednesday is Recycling Day!

Items put out for recycling can be put into your green CURBY Can, a standard 32-gallon container affixed with a free, town-supplied CURB (Clean-Up Recycle Brookhaven) sticker, or any regular 32-gallon garbage.  Simply place any of these recycling containers at the curb in front of your house on Wednesdays prior to 6 AM for weekly collection.

If you like, paper recyclables may still be put out in brown paper bags and placed next to your recycling can, and corrugated cardboard can still be bundled neatly and tied with twine, but paper will now be collected along with all other recyclables every Wednesday, every week. "

Yard Waste

Leaves collected by the carters are composted, providing an environmental disposal option that maintains the natural cycle of returning organic debris to the earth in the form of soil nutrients. Brush & wood waste are chipped at the landfill for landscaping use. Compost and wood chips are provided free to residents for home use. Residents can also bring leaves to the Manorville Composting Facility. Compost from this facility has mostly been used for Town projects, or distributed at no charge to Town residents. 

NOTE: Under the Town's "Don't Bag It" policy, GRASS CLIPPINGS are NEVER collected. They can be mulched at home, brought to the Manorville Compost Site during their hours of operation, or left to decompose naturally.

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