Residents in private communities, condos, co-ops, 4-family, apartments and larger multiple dwellings do not pay a garbage fee to the Town, therefore they do not receive Town collection services and must contract a carter privately or contact their property management office to arrange for service. Town codes still apply.


Town code requires multi-family location to source separate mandated recyclables on site and arrange for the separate collection of mandated recyclable paper and mixed recyclables as follows:

    PAPER (can be mixed together in one bin)

          MIXED RECYCLABLES (can be mixed together in one bin) 

  • Newspaper
  • Mixed Paper (magazines, book pages, office paper..)
  • Corrugated cardboard
    • Glass bottles and jars
    • Cans (metal, bimetallic, aluminum)
    • Plastic jugs and containers (PETE #1 & HDPE #2)
    • Aluminum foil and foil containers

Town Code requires that these two categories of recyclable items be source separated at the generation site, collected separately from the generation site and disposed of separately from other waste materials including regular garbage. Arrangements for disposal

may include:

    • direct marketing to a recycling company
    • contracts with permitted solid waste haulers for separate collection
    • contracts with other persons for separate collection
    • direct delivery to a designated processing facility

If your carter has advised you that separate collection of recyclables is not necessary, you as well as your carter, may be in violation of Town Code. 

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