Collection & Recycling

Businesses must contract a private carter for waste collection. Under Brookhaven Town Code all commercial, industrial and institutional establishments, shall source separate on site and arrange for the separate collection for recycling of paper and mixed recyclables as follows:

Mandatory Paper Recyclables

Mandatory Commingled Recyclables

glass bottles, jars, tin, aluminum, bimetallic cans, aerosol spray cans, aluminum foil, aluminum food containers, plastic containers newspaper, color inserts, magazines, catalogs, mail, envelopes, greeting cards, junk mail, office paper, post-its, construction, school, & PC paper, white ledger, fax paper, manila folders, copy & shredded paper, yellow legal pads, NCR paper, wrapping paper, index cards, telephone books, sweepstakes forms, books (no covers), kraft (brown bag) paper, cardboard (corrugated, un-corrugated)

Non-Mandatory Drop-off recyclables

Unacceptable as Recyclables

used motor oil & filters, scrap metal, yard waste, electronics, car, truck, & boat batteries, clothing, turkey frying oil, fishing line Regular pots & pans, knives, forks,small appliances, cardboard with metal rims, containers with hazardous residue, medical waste, window panes, ceramics, mirrors, Pyrex, plastic bags, wax-coated boxes, soiled boxes, flake/chipboard boxes, plastic string/wire, carbon paper, blueprints

Town Code requires that paper and mixed recyclables be source separated at the generation site, collected separately from the generation site and disposed of separately from other waste materials including regular garbage. Arrangements for disposal may include:

    • direct marketing to a recycling company
    • contracts with permitted solid waste haulers for separate collection
    • contracts with other persons for separate collection
    • direct delivery to a designated processing facility

Under no circumstances are mandatory recyclables to be mixed with or collected with regular garbage at the generation site. If your carter has advised you that separate collection of recyclables is not necessary, you, as well as your carter, may be in violation of Town Code.  Recyclables may also be brought to the town landfill in Brookhaven for a fee.

You may view the Town Code at the Town's website at If you have any questions or need further clarification regarding mandatory recycling, or need information on doing a waste audit and setting up a recycling program, contact the Department of Waste Management at 451-TOWN (8696).

Hazardous Waste  Disposal locations for HAZARDOUS commercial materials