Social Distancing Accommodations


This is an application to assist existing businesses and places of worship in the Town of Brookhaven who have been authorized to re-open, but do not have the indoor area or facilities to accommodate COVID-19 social distancing requirements and wish to temporarily use existing outdoor areas, install pick-up windows or add parking lot signs. Read Press Release

Use This Application Only for Temporary COVID-19 Accommodations

Any temporary accommodations granted herein will expire on November 1, 2020 and shall be removed by November 10, 2020. For permanent improvements or uses, please use standard Town permit applications.  


  1. Complete this interactive online form and you will receive an email confirmation that your application has been received. We will be in touch with you about any additional items we may need via email or phone.
  2. You may choose to download our Social Distancing Accommodations Form (PDF) and email the completed application and necessary documentation to