Arbor Day

Brookhaven Arbor Day Giveaway

The inaugural Arbor Day giveaway, an annual, local effort to increase the tree population, went live on Monday, November 9, 2020 this year due to the pandemic. The contest closed at 11:59 pm on Sunday, December 6.

Compost Tumbler

We gave away 1 compost tumbler to one winner in each Town Council District.

Compost Tumbler

How it Worked

  • Participants had to pledge to plant a tree
  • Participants had to  follow us on at least one of our social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Additional Information

We recommended planting a Native Tree. Long Island natives naturally thrive in the region’s conditions, requiring less money, and maintenance than non-native species. Natives also reconnect your landscape with the surrounding ecosystem, providing food and shelter for birds and wildlife. Check out this approved list for your next planting.

Free Paper Recycling Bins

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