Seasonal Boat Slips

The Town Clerk is responsible for issuing and maintaining seasonal marina boat berth lease agreements. Boat berth leases are only available to Town of Brookhaven residents. Marina boat berths are leased on an annual basis for the boating season which commences on the second Saturday of May and ends on the first Sunday in November. Boats are not permitted to remain in the marina after the first Sunday in November.


Seasonal leases are available for the following Town Marinas:

Apply for Waitlist

Please visit the Marina Wait List page to apply for the waitlist for the Corey Creek, Forge River, Mount Sinai, Port Jefferson and Sandspit Marinas. Please email if you are interested in leasing a marina boat berth in the Sandspit Marina.


Renewal of slips for current boat berth holders begin in December and can be done online. All renewal applications must be submitted online or mailed to the Town Clerk’s office by February 1. If renewal application is not done online or postmarked in the Town Clerk’s office by February 1, the leaseholder forfeits their ability to renew the lease and must apply for the waitlist to obtain a new lease.