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The video paired with these activities will incorporate viewing and listening comprehension, vocabulary, drawing, writing, math and science skills while introducing environmental concepts, and encouraging ecofriendly practices. Please use these tools as it best fits your virtual or in-person classroom.

Recycle Right Video

Recycle Right Activities: Grades K-2

Show What You Know 

This activity is to be used after watching the Recycle Right Video and incorporates viewing comprehension and drawing skills. It will allow students to be creative as they apply what they learned from the informative video. View Activity

Recycle Write

This activity will challenge students to practice spelling and writing new environmental vocabulary words. View Activity


This activity will encourage students to become more familiar with recyclable items and materials.  Sorting and categorizing objects are skills important for both math and reading. It helps children to practice concepts of “same” and “different.” View Activity

Recycle Right Activities: Grades 3-6 

Show What You Know

This activity is to be used after watching the Recycle Right Video. It incorporates viewing comprehension, environmental literacy, and writing skills. View Activity

Trash Tally

This activity incorporates skills of science and math including: sorting, data collection, material identification, chart building and use, graph building and use, and *multiplication.  Students will need to collect all of their trash items for one day. This should be done the day before the trash tally activity and can be done as a class (numbers and figures will be the same) or individually (different numbers and figures). The activity will enlighten students as to how much garbage people and they themselves generate. It will also prove to students how garbage really adds up up over time, and how much of that waste can actually be recycled. *(If multiplication is too advanced for the grade level you can explain how it is used to add up the amount of trash collected in one week and then one year. You can also use these questions to introduce multiplication and/or develop calculator skills.) View Activity

Look It Up

Use the Recycle Right Video as a launchpad for students to further explore waste reduction. This simple activity incorporates research skills, environmental vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing skills - along with introducing ecofriendly concepts and practices. View Activity