The Town of Brookhaven Disability Task Force Virtual Inclusion Conference

The Town of Brookhaven Disability Task Force was excited to engage with the community in a new way and to provide information that will be of interest to residents of all ages and abilities.

Ken's Krew and Disability Employment Awareness

The Town of Brookhaven's Disability Task Force supports the mission of Ken's Krew, which is an organization that provides job placement, training, and support for individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities in competitive employment.

National Disability Employment Awareness Month Event

On October 25, 2018, the Town of Brookhaven's liaison for the Disability Task Force, Cliff Hymowitz ran an event to highlight National Disability Employment Awareness Month, featuring speakers: Councilman Michael Loguercio, Councilman Kevin LaValle, Town Clerk Donna Lent, along with Elena R. Spera, Quality Control Compliance Manager for American Maintenance and Doreen E. Nobile, Business Relations Representative for ACCES-VR, discussing opportunities for disabled individuals in the work force.

Inclusion Workshop

Councilman Michael Loguercio and the Town's Disability Task Force hosted an Inclusion Workshop in January, 2018.

A Tour of the Cedar Beach Nature Center

Councilwoman Jane Bonner and Glen Campbell tour the Cedar Beach Nature Center's accessible layout.

Disability Task Force Video

Watch the Town Board recognize the Town of Brookhaven Disability Task Force.