Town Code Subscription

The Brookhaven Town Code is updated periodically as Local Laws are passed by the Town Board of the Town of Brookhaven. Town Code Update subscriptions are available electronically for free or in printed form for a fee.

How to Apply


Apply Online Now

By Mail

To apply by mail, forward a letter to the Town Clerk including your name, company name, address, email and phone number to:

Brookhaven Town Clerk
1 Independence Hill
Farmingville, NY 11738

Print Subscription Fee Schedule

  • Code Book Volume I and II - $450.00
  • Code Book Volume II - $250.00
  • Code Book Supplement Subscription Volume I and II - $200.00
  • Code Book Supplement Subscription Volume II -  $150.00

Please note, if you are applying for a printed subscription, after completing the online application you will receive an email confirmation that must be mailed to the Town Clerk’s office with a check or money order in the corresponding amount.