Aircraft Operator Rules

Pilots using Brookhaven Calabro Airport must adhere to all rules and regulations (see below) as established in resolution 2020- 0399.

  1. "Touch and Go" procedures are not encouraged on weekends and all non-daylight hours.
  2. Maintain published pattern altitudes at one thousand feet (1,000 ft.) Above Ground Level (AGL).
  3. Avoid shortened downwind turns to base or "short finals" below 500' AGL.
  4. On "climb outs" avoid turns below 500' AGL and climb at the best rate of climb.
  5. Runway 33 departures. In anticipation of exiting the pattern for flight to the south, maintain the runway heading and climb to 1400' then turn left. Avoid residential areas to the west of the airport by flying over wooded areas.
  6. No intersection departures. Full use of runway length improves altitudes over housing.
  7. Expect the traffic pattern for Runway 24 to be changed to "right" traffic.
  8. Be considerate of neighbors when choosing altitudes, engine speed and propeller pitch.
  9. Pilots will review and use, where applicable, AOPA's "Noise Awareness Steps."
  10. As a courtesy to the residents of local neighborhoods, please refrain from any repetitive flight activities also known as "pattern work" between 10:00 pm and 8:00 am