Animal Shelter


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New Hours of Operation

Brookhaven’s Animal Shelter and Adoption Center is closed to the public until further notice. Those still interested in adoption, foster care or who have questions on redemption are asked to call the Shelter at 631-451-6950 during business hours, Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm; Saturday from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm; and Sunday from 11:00 am to 3:30 pm. We are looking forward to having all of our volunteers back soon!

Fosters / Adopters

During this time of need, the Town of Brookhaven Animal Shelter and Adoption Center is looking for fosters/adopters for medium to large mixed breed dogs. We have dogs that will require a single pet household as well as some that get along with other dogs. We also have a number of dogs with some behavioral issues such as anxiety, guarding of food, toys or space, stranger reactivity, or some barrier reactivity and will require a very specific type of home. If you are able to take on a dog that fits any of this criteria, please complete our online Matchmaker Application and a member of our staff will be in touch with you. Please note that all potential fosters/adopters will be required to make an appointment to visit the shelter for a "meet and greet" along with any other members and/or dogs that live in the household, as well as provide proof of home ownership or written landlord/homeowner approval.

About the Animal Shelter

The Brookhaven Animal Shelter and Adoption Center staff is dedicated to helping the homeless pets in our township. Contact the Animal Shelter

Additionally, coalition building with private humane societies and other animal organizations, significant upgrades to the kennels and shelter atmosphere, the addition of an education room and new training programs for the staff have all contributed to recent successes.

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  1. Ariel1142, black DSH female spayed available for adoption


    Meet Ariel! Read on...
  2. Oreo and Skye, black male and female altered mixes available for adoption

    Meet Skye and Oreo!

    Meet our twins, Skye and Oreo! Read on...
  3. Ulla, black and tan female German Shepherd at the shelter available for adoption


    Introducing Ulla! Read on...
  4. Eleanor52961,  white and brindle mix female available for adoption


    Introducing Eleanor! Read on...
  5. Romeo6283, grey and white male neutered mix senior available for adoption


    Meet Amazing Romeo! Read on...
  6. King6291, white and tan mix male available for adoption at the shelter


    Meet King! Read on...
  7. Joanna6255, grey and white female mix dog ready for adoption


    Meet Joanna! Read on...
  8. Sunflower62761, black and white female spayed mix available for adoption


    This very pretty girl is Sunflower, she is looking for a better life than she had the first time. Read on...
  9. Coco62251, black and white mixed spayed female available for adoption


    Coco is a sweet girl who is so mixed up and confused as to why she is homeless. Read on...
  10. Duke5225, red and white male neutered mix available for adoption


    Meet Duke! Read on...
  11. Rocky52801, white and black male neutered mix available for adoption


    Meet Rocky! Read on...
  12. Amber62491, fawn and white female at the shelter now available for adoption


    Sweet adorable Amber! Read on...
  13. Kash52511, grey and white adult mix male at the shelter available for adoption


    Meet Kash! Read on...
  14. Libby52681, black and white female available for adoption at the shelter


    Meet Libby! Read on...
  15. Simba9353l, brown and white mix stray at the shelter now available for adoption


    SImba is a sweet guy who is so mixed up and confused as to why he is homeless. Read on...
  16. Smokey94511, sweet female black and white mix dog available for adoption at the animal shelter


    Meet Smokey! This adorable guy is as cute as could be. He is a happy and playful guy who is looking for a forever family. Read on...
  17. legend03_brookhaven2, neutered male mix at the shelter available for adoption


    Meet Legend! Read on...
  18. Hagrid92751, black and white stray male at the shelter


    Hagrid is energetic and loves to go out for walks. Read on...
  19. Penelope1,  black and white mix female


    Penelope is a happy, playful and energetic girl who just needs a chance. Read on...
  20. Dougiexmas, brown merle mix dog


    Dougie is looking for a second chance, could you be the soul mate he is waiting for? Read on...
  21. Sirflowers, tan and white mix dog with flowers on his head


    Meet Sir! This very handsome guy is a happy and energetic fellow looking for love. Read on...
  22. draco01_brookhaven2, tan and white male mix dog available for adoption


    He opens right up and becomes playful and affectionate. Read on...
  23. curtis05_brookhaven2, mix neutered male brindle dog available for adoption at the shelter


    Curtis is such an amazingly fun loving guy. He is hoping that the rest of his life can be spent filled with love and happiness outside the walls of the shelter. Read on...