About Purchasing

The Town of Brookhaven Division of Purchasing procures supplies, materials, and equipment, to meet the needs of the various Town Departments as well as securing a wide range of services including, but not limited to, Professional Engineers, Consultants, and construction trades, for the repair and maintenance of Town facilities. Annually the Town reviews, updates and adopts the Procurement Policy Manual which serves the purpose of establishing a system of purchasing that is compliant with all relevant Federal, New York State, Suffolk County and Town of Brookhaven laws and regulations. This Policy is available to the General Public and supports:

  • All bids not subject to Competitive Standards, are done in accordance with NYS GML 104 (b)
  • Competitive Bidding is done in accordance with New York State General Municipal Law (NYS GML) 103
  • Guards against favoritism and wastefulness
  • Objective and unbiased competition
  • Protects the best interests of the Town, its residents and taxpayers
  • The Town of Brookhaven Procurement Policy is available to all upon request

Other Responsibilities

The Purchasing Division is also responsible for overseeing the various functions of the Town’s mailroom operations and central print shop / copy center.

Our staff is ready to assist you with any information you may need. The Town bidding process is open to all qualified vendors and welcomes and encourages participation by minority and women owned businesses


In accordance with New York State General Municipal Law, the Town of Brookhaven issues formal bids for commodity purchases more than $20,000 and public works projects (labor involved) in excess of $35,000. 

These bids are advertised in the legal section of various local newspapers, posted on the Town website and email notifications are sent to established vendor lists; anyone may request to be listed on the Town Vendor Database to receive these notifications. These ads state the purpose of the bid, the due date, time and location of the Public Bid Opening. Detailed specifications may be obtained at the Purchasing Division or by downloading the documents from the Town website.