Highway Department

Highway Department

The Brookhaven Highway Department is one of the largest in the State of New York, behind only the New York State Department of Transportation and the New York City Department of Transportation. Brookhaven is geographically the largest town in the state, larger than the entire county of Nassau.


The Highway Superintendent is charged with maintaining more than 3,500 lane miles of roadway within the Town of Brookhaven. 

Maintenance of town roadways includes the repair of pot holes and sweeping of all roadways with particular attention to intersections in the Town of Brookhaven. 

Other major community improvements undertaken on behalf of our residents include drainage projects, road resurfacing, tree trimming and removal, maintenance of recharge basins (sumps), and installation and maintenance of catch basins. 

Keeping main and secondary roads clear of snow and ice during inclement weather is a top priority for the Department.

The Highway Department also repairs and replaces damaged or missing Town signs.

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