Shelter Tours

We welcome groups (Girl scouts, Boy scouts, school classes, etc.) to come for a tour of our shelter. We try to make this an educational as well as fun program. We start with a little presentation about who we are and the role of the shelter in our community and then do a walking tour through our kennels.

Image of a one story building entrance with sign saying Animal Shelter

Group Tours

Groups are encouraged to collect donations for us prior to their visit, this is by no means mandatory. Most kids are very proud of all the supplies, paper towels and towels that they have collected and are thrilled to have a chance to present their haul to the shelter personally. 

We want to be able to show our appreciation and have the kids make the connection that what they've collected will really help! We have a wish list on the website or you can call for specific items that could be collected on our behalf.

Schedule a Visit

The whole tour lasts about an hour including time for questions. Best days to arrange to bring your group would be a Saturday since we are close at 4 p.m. to the public. Come see who we are and what we do – we love showing off our residents!

Please contact Jonnie Coe-LaRosa at 631-451-6950 to schedule a visit.