Road Maintenance

The Brookhaven Highway Department paving season begins each spring and continues for about eight months, until temperatures drop and are not optimal for paving. While Highway Superintendent Daniel Losquadro estimates there is more than $100 million worth of roadwork to be done annually, the Department must work within the confines of its approximately $17 million paving budget. Each paving season, roadways to be repaved are selected based on the severity of their disrepair; work is distributed evenly among the six council districts with input from each councilman and councilwoman. In 2017, crews completed more than 30 paving projects across Brookhaven Town.

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Crews are out year-round filling pot holes on roads that are required to wait for more attention. The Highway Department maintains 20 Town-owned hot boxes, or trailers equipped to heat asphalt that is used to fill potholes, to conduct temporary repairs.


Hospital Road Bridge Press Conference

Concrete Replacement Project

Full Depth Reclamation Paving