Defensive Driving Classes

Don’t let your insurance discount expire! The Town of Brookhaven Division of Traffic Safety is offering an online 6-Hour New York Point and Insurance Reduction Course.


This comprehensive driver safety course will provide you with the knowledge and techniques for safe, lawful driving and a 10% discount on your auto insurance over a three-year period. You may also be eligible to reduce up to four points on your driving record. This course is approved by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.


$25 for the online course.

In person classes $25 senior citizens (55+) & veterans; $40 all others/non-residents.


Visit our online registration form to sign up for online classes.

If you’d prefer to take the course in person, see this flyer for upcoming dates/times. 

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Highway Department

The Brookhaven Highway Department is one of the largest in the State of New York, behind only the New York State Department of Transportation and the New York City Department of Transportation. Brookhaven is geographically the largest town in the state, larger than the entire county of Nassau. 

Traffic Safety

The Traffic Safety Division's mission is to maintain and improve traffic safety on Town of Brookhaven roadways by reducing traffic-related accidents and injuries through traffic engineering and traffic safety education. The major functions of the division include maintenance and installation of traffic control devices such as traffic signals, pavement markings, signage and guide rails. These devices are implemented for accident prevention, traffic complaint problem-solving and resolution.