Teen Driver Safety Program

School Program

Young drivers can experience some of the consequences of driving distracted or impaired-from the safety of their school gymnasium-during the Brookhaven Highway Department’s Teen Driver Safety Program. The program takes students through a variety of exercises designed to replicate the impairment created by drinking or texting.

Driving SimulatorTeen Driver in Safety Program

In one course, students drive electric cars through an obstacle course while wearing Fatal Vision goggles that alter their vision to simulate driving with a blood alcohol content ranging from 0.06 to 0.30. In another course, they drive the electric cars while sending and receiving texts.

Students can also use an interactive driving simulator designed to prevent destructive driving behaviors among teens by focusing on the long-term consequences. Students begin by "driving" either impaired or while texting and once they crash, they have interactions with police, judges, ER personnel, doctors and even a prospective boss.

More Information

Any districts interested in bringing the Teen Driver Safety Program to their school, contact the Brookhaven Highway Department’s Traffic Safety division at 631-451-5335 or contact us online.