Land Management

The Division of Land Management (DLM) manages the Town of Brookhaven’s Open Space Acquisition Program. This responsibility includes managing properties that have been acquired, donated, or dedicated for open space purposes as well as properties dedicated to the Town’s Nature Preserve system.

Acquisition Process

DLM administers the acquisition process by:

  • Working with the Town Board and the Open Space Committee by identifying and prioritizing properties
  • Working, in partnership with other levels of government, most notably Suffolk County and New York State and not-for-profit organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, Peconic Land Trust, and Post-Morrow Foundation, to acquire properties
  • Working with the Law Department to obtain necessary legal documents such as appraisals, environmental site assessments, and title reports
  • Negotiating with property owners to acquire properties


DLM manages these acquired properties by:

  • Posting and inspecting properties for boundary violations, dumping, illicit activities such as ATV use, fire, and ecological issues such as invasive species
  • Developing plans for accessibility to Town properties and creating interpretive and educational materials to promote public visitation and the appreciation of our natural resources
  • Preparing and adopting management plans for properties