Joseph Macchia Environmental Preservation Capital Reserve Fund

This Town Board recognizes that the natural environment within the Town, and the air, land, water and living resources that comprise it, constitute assets that add immeasurably to the quality of life of Town residents. Furthermore, with regard to land, the Town Board recognizes that the environmentally sensitive lands within the Town of Brookhaven, including its fresh- and saltwater wetlands, underwater lands and bay bottoms, Central Pine Barrens, stream and river corridors and their associated watersheds, shorelines, forests, fields, and meadows are important natural resources, collectively comprising a natural heritage and legacy which should be preserved and protected in perpetuity for the people of the Town of Brookhaven.

The Town Board further recognizes the valuable role that farmland plays in helping the local economy and maintaining the rural and bucolic character of the Town. It has been the policy of this Town Board to safeguard these important natural resources, by means of its regulatory powers, pursuant to Town Code Chapter 81 (Wetlands and Waterways), Chapter 85 (Zoning) and other sections of the Town Code of the Town of Brookhaven. However, the Town Board recognizes that relying solely upon its regulatory powers may not be sufficient in safeguarding these resources and further recognizes that acquisition or purchase of complete or partial interests in land can be a highly effective technique to protect and preserve these environmentally sensitive areas as set forth herein. View the Joseph Macchia Environmental Preservation Capital Reserve Fund Legislation.

Nature Preserves

Many areas of the Town of Brookhaven contain natural resources which are vital to, and enhance the quality of, the life of its residents. These natural resources include significant populations of wildlife; important natural communities; rare, endangered, unique or locally significant species of plants and wildlife; ponds, lakes, streams, estuaries and other surface waters; important geological formations; prehistoric, aboriginal and historic cultural resources; and pristine potable groundwater. View the Nature Preserves Town Code.

Land Acquisition & Management Policy

Town Board of the Town of Brookhaven finds that preservation of farmland and undeveloped land, (through the purchase of fee title, purchase of development rights, and donation and clustering of development), which possess environmental, ecological, hydrological, geological, scenic, recreational, and historical significance, is a critically important governmental function and purpose which provides innumerable and important benefits to Town residents, therefore, playing a major contributory role in maintaining and enhancing their quality of life.

View the Town of Brookhaven Land Acquisition and Management Policy (PDF).