Town Marinas

The Town of Brookhaven Park’s Department has eight marinas located on both the north shore and south shore of Long Island including two on Fire Island. Seasonal and transient slips are available for residents at our mainland marinas.

Fire Island Marinas

Davis Park Marina and Great Gun Marina are located on Fire Island.  Transient slips (no seasonal slips) are available at both locations.  If you are interested in Davis Park Marina, please contact the Davis Park Marina at 631-597-9090 or visit their website.  For more information about Great Gun Marina, please call the Parks Department at 631-451-6133.

How to Acquire a Marina Mooring Permit

Port Jefferson Mooring Permit

If you are interested in a Port Jefferson Mooring Permit, please contact the Harbors and Waterways Office in the Department of Public Safety at 631-473-3052. You may also view our Mooring Permit Application or view or Rafting Policy and Agreement for Port Jefferson Harbor.

Mount Sinai (Cedar Beach) Mooring Permit

If you are interested in a Mount Sinai (Cedar Beach) Mooring Permit, you can purchase one online. Contact the Parks Department at 631-451-6133 for more information. Learn More

How to Acquire a Marina Dock Slip

For information on obtaining a seasonal slip for your boat, please contact the Town Clerk’s Office. Transient slips are available for residents and non-residents at all our marinas.

About Our Marinas