Mt. Sinai Harbor

Recreational mooring permits are available for the Mt. Sinai Harbor. The season runs from March 1st (or from date of issue) until December 1st. To place a mooring in this harbor, a boater must first have a valid permit from the Town of Brookhaven. The permit must be renewed every year. Permits will be issued to new applicants on a first come, first serve basis. View our 2020 Mt. Sinai Mooring Permit Application.

Mooring permits cannot be processed in person. Please mail your application to:

Town of Brookhaven
286 Hawkins Rd.
Centereach, NY 11720

Items to Include

The following items must be included with your application. This applies to all applicants:

  • One of the following: A copy of your current NYS Driver’s license or identification card, voter registration card, lease, property tax bill or utility bill as proof of residency. If your driver’s license indicates a “P.O. Box” - further proof of address will be required.
  • A copy of your current New York State boat registration or Coast Guard Documentation papers for the boat. Boat must be registered/documented in the same name as the applicant.
  • A certified check or money order payable to the Town of Brookhaven for the non-refundable permit fee:
    • $150 Resident Recreational Permit
    • $350 Non-Resident Recreational Permit
    • $220 Commercial Permit
  • Commercial applicant must provide proof that the boat is used for commercial purposes.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call 631-451-6101.

Permit Fee

The permit fee is for the permit only. Boaters must purchase their own mooring tackle to be dropped in the harbor. This mooring tackle must meet Town specifications as stated in our rules and regulations affecting boat moorings and must be inspected before being dropped in the harbor. Used or new mooring tackle can be purchased from the firms listed below. Ralph’s Fishing Station also provides a launch service at an additional fee and Old Man’s Boat Yard provides Dinghy storage for an additional fee.

  • Old Man’s Boat Yard:  631-473-7330
  • Ralph’s Fishing Station:  631-473-6655

Port Jefferson / Setauket Harbor

Please contact the Town of Brookhaven’s Division of Harbors and Waterways at 631-473-3052.