Mt. Sinai Harbor

  • Recreational mooring permits are available seasonally to purchase online for Mount Sinai Harbor
  • The mooring season runs from March 1 (or from date of issue) until November 30
  • Permits will be issued to new applicants on a first come, first serve basis
  • If you have any questions or need assistance, please call 631-451-6101

Annual Permit Fee

  • $181 Resident Recreational Permit
  • $423 Non-Resident Recreational Permit
  • $264 Commercial Permit

Mooring Tackle

  • Boaters must purchase their own mooring tackle to be dropped in the harbor
  • Mooring tackle must meet Town specifications as stated in our rules and regulations affecting boat moorings and must be inspected before being dropped in the harbor
  • Used or new mooring tackle can be purchased from the firms listed below
    • Old Man’s Boat Yard:  631-473-7330
    • Ralph’s Fishing Station:  631-473-6655

Launching and Dinghy/Kayak Racks and Docks

  • Brookhaven offers Dinghy/Kayak Rack/Docks
    • Old Man’s Boat Yard also provides Dinghy storage for a fee
  • Ralph’s Fishing Station (above) provides a launch service for a fee

Port Jefferson / Setauket Harbor

Please contact the Town of Brookhaven’s Division of Harbors and Waterways at 631-473-3052.