Longwood Fair

Longwood Estate

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2019 Fair Information

We celebrated the 39th Annual Brookhaven Country Fair at the Longwood Estate on Saturday, September 7, and Sunday, September 8, 2019!

. The fair included:

  • Historical re-enactments and demonstrations
  • Food and craft vendors
  • Music and entertainment
  • Children's activities 
  • Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe
  • Pet Shows
  • Vintage Apron Show
  • House tours
  • and more!


Longwood Estate is located on the corner of Longwood Road and Smith Road in Ridge.

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Pet Friendly

This is a pet friendly event. All pets must be leashed.

Contact Us

Call the Longwood Estate at 631-924-1820.

Longwood Estate

The Longwood Estate was passed down through the generations dating back prior to 1817. In 1973, developer Wilbur Breslin and Herbert Carmel purchased the property for commercial and industrial development. Brookhaven Town officials and area residents strongly opposed the plan and in 1974, Breslin and Carmel donated the manor house and 35 acres of land to the Town of Brookhaven. During its two-hundred-year history, the house knew fallow periods-and a notable 60-year Golden Age of love, family, and bustling activity. The estate now is the host to various activities for the residents to enjoy.

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