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All inquiries may be made via email or telephone to your staff reviewer or directed to the Planning Department main line at 631-451-6400.

Electronic Submissions and Payment

Online Submissions

Submissions of applications, application re-submissions or application revisions to the Divisions of Planning, Environmental Protection and Engineering should be submitted online to Please attach PDF's (flattened layers and to scale) to email (Downloads, links, drop boxes, etc. are NOT acceptable).

**Please include the Suffolk County Tax Map Number, Hamlet and Council District in the subject line for easier processing of your application.

**Some Town Departments may require submission of paper copies.

**All Change of Use Applications must submit a completed Land Use Application, Survey or Site Plan (color elevations for façade change) and all Certificates of Occupancy, Zoning Compliance or Existing Use.

Application Forms

Land Use Application - Single Family Homes - Wetlands Applicants - HDAC Application Packet - Aerial Photograph, Zoning Map, and Zoning History Request Form - Special Permit for Churning Razor Clams


After submission, a review will be performed by staff and you will be contacted with information regarding fees and any other items required to complete a submission.

Online Payment

You will be sent an online payment link from the staff to finalize your application submission or revision.

Stamped/Approved Plans

All stamped and approved plans will be emailed.

Planning Department

The Planning Department is divided into three distinct divisions: Planning, Environmental Protection and Engineering. View Application Logs

Original Building Zone Map from 1937

Sneak peak below, full map coming soon...

Picture of Original Building Zone Map from 1937

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Department of Planning and Environment is to serve as guardians for the future of the Town of Brookhaven, and to enhance the quality of life for all its residents, through excellence in community planning, environmental stewardship, education, and citizen empowerment, based on the effective support and tools to assure the Town’s ability to meet the challenges of growth and change in the 21st Century.

Expeditor Registration

Please fill out our online form to register as an expeditor with the Town of Brookhaven on an annual basis.