Building Division

Renew Your Building Permit or House Rental License

Many permits / licenses issued by the Town of Brookhaven Building Division may be renewed online. In order to avoid the long lines and wait at Town Hall, residents are highly encouraged to take advantage of this service. Please note that for a limited time, there will be a 10% discount applied to all renewals completed online. Renew your building permit or renew your house rental license.

Make a Reservation

Schedule a visit, reschedule a visit, or cancel a visit to see the Town of Brookhaven Building Division. You can:

  • Apply for an accessory apartment
  • Apply for a Certificate of Existing Use (CEU) or Letter of Correction
  • Apply for or renew a house rental license
  • Apply for or renew your commercial building permit
  • Apply for or renew your residential building permit
  • Ask a question regarding an accessory apartment application
  • Have your commercial plans reviewed
  • Obtain a copy of your Certificate of Occupancy (CO) or survey

Make a reservation before visiting the Building Division!

Rental Permit Search

Use this interactive tool to view all current Accessory Apartment and House Rental permits in the Town of Brookhaven. Research accessory apartment and house rental permits.

Building Permit New Survey Requirements

Be advised that effective February 1, 2018, an original property survey or updated property survey no greater than one-year old showing all structures currently on the property is required to be submitted with all residential building permit applications with a few exceptions. Learn more about the requirements (PDF).

Mastic Beach Village

Effective January 1, 2018, Mastic Beach was absorbed into the Town of Brookhaven. Effective immediately, the Town of Brookhaven is performing the following functions:

  • Issuance of building permits and certificates, including the review of plans, review of applications, issuance of permits, performance of inspections and issuance of certificates
  • Issuance of house rental licenses and accessory apartment licenses; including the review of plans, review of applications and performance of inspections
  • Response to incidents during both regular business hours and after hours; including structural determinations of fire damaged buildings, and vehicles into buildings and the evaluation of flood damaged homes
  • Investigation of complaints and issuance of violations for PAAL (provisional accessory apartment license) and commercial property violations
  • Evaluation of Superstorm Sandy damaged homes