The Town of Brookhaven provides many opportunities for people who wish to make a difference by volunteering in their community. Senior Citizens' programs offer several avenues for those who are interested in helping others, meeting new people, or having the satisfaction of bringing new experiences to people who have the time and motivation to learn.

Type of Volunteering


The Town provides a variety of classes and workshops on an ongoing basis. If you have a special skill that you would like to share with others please call 631-476-6449.


Homebound residents age 60 and over receive hot meals from our Nutrition Program, which provides over 2,700 meals per month through our Home-Delivered Meals program. A staff of volunteers works in conjunction with our Jitney transportation program to distribute the home-delivered meals from our Nutrition Centers in Mt. Sinai and Mastic Beach. 

If you would like to volunteer for this vital program, call: 631-476-6442 in Mt. Sinai or 631-281-7679 in Mastic Beach.


The Senior Citizens Advisory Commission is an independent body that advocates for our Senior constituents on issues that can impact their quality of life. While not officially a part of the Senior Citizens Division, the Commission provides valuable input and offers recommendations to the Commissioners and Director. 

All issues relating to senior citizens are discussed (in a non-partisan manner) and recommendations are then made. Established in 1967, the Commission is comprised of 15 members. For more information, or to explore opportunities for joining, call 631-451-9191.