Public Safety

Public Safety Vehicle


The Public Safety Department consists of the following operating divisions: 

In addition, the department oversees the Tow Truck and Taxicab licensing and Noise Abatement/Control within the Town of Brookhaven.


The Department is responsible for most of the uniformed and security activities within the town. This is accomplished by the various divisions and personnel patrolling an area over 380 square miles and serving a population nearing one half million. It is the only township within Suffolk County that straddles the entire island from the Great South Bay to the Long Island Sound.


The Department employs approximately 40 full-time and 90 part-time personnel. Its operations are somewhat unique in as much most of its activities continue during nights and weekends insuring the continuity of town government. The department maintains a high level of professionalism and utilizes modern training methods, vehicles, vessels, and equipment to comprehensively meet its mission.

Emergency Management

Public Safety is charged with administering the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) for the Town of Brookhaven and actively participates in all phases, including hurricane preparedness, hazardous material mitigation, and any and all natural or man-made disasters that may affect the township. 

The OEM is part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Hurricane Preparedness Program having personnel trained by the State Emergency Management Office (SEMO), National Hurricane Center (NHC) and the Suffolk County Office of Emergency Preparedness. During times of emergency, the OEM fully integrates with these agencies, as well as other entities public and private, in providing disaster relief, emergency evacuation, and transportation for dislocated residents. It is particularly sensitive to the special needs of the Barrier Beach (Fire Island) which invariably suffers the first and most extensive damage during hurricanes.

Tow Truck & Taxicabs

The Town of Brookhaven’s Tow Truck and Taxicab Licensing Section is administered by the Secretary to the Commissioner of Public Safety whose staff oversees and coordinates all of the steps in the licensing and enforcement processes between the town’s Building Department, Law Department, Fire Marshal’s Office, and the Vehicle Control Division.

Commissioner’s Office

The Commissioner of Public Safety serves at the direction of the Town Board and is the Department’s chief fiscal and disciplinary officer. The Commissioner also serves as the Emergency Management Director and is directly responsible for all operations within the Public Safety Department. Call 631-451-6291 for more information.


Public Safety personnel conduct confidential, specialized, and sensitive investigations, both internal and external, out of the Commissioner’s Office. These investigations mostly involve interviews, surveillance, follow-up and report writing which is not routinely accomplished by uniformed personnel. Call 631-451-6291 for more information.