Emergency Management

The Town of Brookhaven is the largest municipality in Suffolk County and the largest Town in New York State. The Town consists of 368 square miles encompassing 153 miles of coastline and over 2,000 miles of roadway within its geographical limits. The Town of Brookhaven’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is the direct result of the Town’s commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of each of its residents. 

Hurricane Survival Guide (PDF)

Hurricane Henri

It was established out of the Town’s recognition that comprehensive emergency management is needed to enable the Town to effectively manage and respond to natural and/or man-made disasters, as well as planned events within its vast borders. Planned events include large-scale gatherings such as celebrations, concerts and parades that may pose a risk to residents’ well-being if not properly managed.


The OEM provides a framework for the Town of Brookhaven to effectively respond to and recover from hurricanes and coastal storms as well as other emergencies and planned events. It is comprised of Town officials working as a team to implement risk reduction measures before a disaster occurs, coordinate timely and effective response during an actual occurrence, and provide both short and long term recovery assistance after a disaster to help save lives and minimize property damage. 

These strategies are based on a comprehensive analysis of the threats posed by hurricanes, coastal storms and events, both planned and emergent, in the Town of Brookhaven.


The Town of Brookhaven, in coordination and conjunction with Suffolk County Fire Rescue and Emergency Services is prepared to provide direction, control, and coordination of emergency management activities. Part of their responsibility includes guidance on declaring a State of Emergency and the issuing of Emergency Orders.


The OEM is designed to play an essential role in protecting the Town of Brookhaven’s residents and property before, during and after a disaster, emergency, or planned event. Please feel free to utilize the advance disaster planning links provided herein for advice and helpful tips on how to prepare your family for the possibility of a hurricane or other natural disaster.