Division of Fire Prevention

About Fire Prevention

The Division of Fire Prevention is a multifaceted organization, charged with a number of critical responsibilities including:

Certified Code Enforcement Officials

Fire Marshals are trained and certified pursuant to Title 19 NYCRR Part 1208. Fire Marshals enforce local, state and national fire prevention and building codes, laws and standards. Enforcement is performed by inspections of commercial properties either annually, triennially or as needed based on complaints received or incidents involving the properties.

Fire Cause & Origin Investigations

All Fire Marshals are New York State Level II Certified Fire Investigators. State and Local laws dictate the Division of Fire Prevention to be charged with the investigation and cause and origin determination of all fires occurring within the Town of Brookhaven. Fire Marshals respond to the scenes of fires in order to determine the cause and origin. 

Such investigations have lead to product recalls, identification of juvenile fire setters, and arrests related to New York State arson laws. When fires are determined to be incendiary in nature, coordination with the SCPD Arson Squad is initiated.

Hazardous Materials Response Team

All Fire Marshals are at minimum of New York State certified Hazardous Materials Technicians, with many at the Advanced (Specialist) Hazardous Materials Technician level of training. The Team provides response and mitigation to hazardous material incidents in homes and commercial properties. 

Incidents can range from large petroleum product spills in the roadway, chemical releases from industrial manufacturing facilities, to improper use of consumer products causing injury and/ or illness. The Brookhaven Town Hazardous Material response team works with state and county partners at times of large incidents both in and outside the borders of the Town.

Emergency Management

At times of emergency incidents such as hurricanes, snow storms, power outages, etc. the Division of Fire Prevention staff perform the duties of staffing the Town of Brookhaven Emergency Operations Center, and performs emergency response in support of the towns incident action plan. Fire Marshals perform post incident analysis of areas and facilities affected by the incident.

Peace Officers

The Chief Fire Marshal, Senior Fire Marshals and Fire Marshals are sworn Peace Officers pursuant to the New York State Criminal Procedure Law of New York State, Article 2, section 2.10, Para 65. All Fire Marshals are trained and certified, and receive annual refresher training. All training is provided by the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Academy. All Fire Marshals have the power of arrest pursuant the New York State Criminal Procedure Law and pursuant to their special duties.

Triennial Inspections

Pursuant to New York State Law, the Fire Inspectors with the Division of Fire Prevention are New York State Certified Building Safety Inspector at minimum and are charged with the inspection of all commercial buildings within the Town of Brookhaven, not requiring an annual inspection, at least once every three years.


The Division consists of 14 Uniformed and 17 non-uniformed staff

  • 1 Chief Fire Marshal
  • 6 Senior Fire Marshals (Supervisors)
  • 6 Fire Marshals
  • 1 Fire Inspector
  • 5 Clerical Staff
  • 12 Dispatchers

Together the Division staff work to keep those who live, work and play in the Town of Brookhaven safe.