Fire Department Official Use

Fire Chief Contact Information

The Division of Fire Prevention maintains a current list of Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs from each of the 38 fire departments within the Town for official use only. If you are a current Chief or Assistant Chief, please use this link to submit your contact information.

Register to Gain Access to the Town of Brookhaven Fire Marshals App

The Town of Brookhaven Fire Marshal's App allows fire departments within the Town of Brookhaven to report non-emergency notifications to the Fire Marshals Office. Login or request access.

Automatic Carbon Monoxide Alarms in Commercial Buildings

View a bulletin (PDF) that is intended to provide guidance to fire department personnel when responding to automatic carbon monoxide alarms in commercial structures.

Knox Box Authorization

Please do not sign. Please refer to Fire Marshal Office. Key Lock Boxes (Knox Boxes) have been installed that are not part of the Town of Brookhaven system. We have found either non-compliant model Knox Boxes or lock cylinders that are not keyed to the town system. 

These deficiencies are being found when inspections are performed as part of an alteration or new construction permit. When these deficiencies are found we are requiring the replacement of same to comply with our system. This is resulting in additional costs to the property owner or contractor, which could be avoided.View a memo (PDF) about the Know Box.