Division of Women's Services

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Mission Statement

The Town of Brookhaven Division of Women’s Services strives to assist women and/or their families in seeking help and guidance in times of transition or crisis by fostering services aimed at improving their lives and enabling them to make healthier decisions.


Our HELPLINE is dedicated to serving as an information source for women, while offering support. Through the programs and guidance provided by the Division of Women’s Services, women are empowered and gain the confidence and knowledge needed to move forward with the next steps in their lives.

If you or someone you know could benefit from any of our services or would like to contact the HELPLINE, please call 631-451-6146.

Career Edge

Career EDGE is a seminar series for women who are unemployed or underemployed that focuses on personal and professional development. Our newly created Virtual Career EDGE Job Readiness Program will offer exceptional programming designed to assist women seeking employment or a better job. View page


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