Harbors & Waterways

Patrol Boat on the WaterResponsibilities

The Division of Harbors and Waterways oversees waterway operations for more than 153 miles of magnificent coastline, encompassing a water surface area of 272 square miles on both the North and South Shores within the Town of Brookhaven boundaries.


The Division of Harbors and Waterways employs Bay Constables who are peace officers under New York State Law. They enforce New York State Navigation and Environmental Conservation Law, as well as Brookhaven Town Ordinances. Our Bay Constables also maintain navigation aids in our waterways and respond to emergency calls in our bays, harbors, and areas in the Long Island Sound.

Pump-Out Services

During the summer months, pump-out boats are operated by the Town for use by boaters in our waterways, at no charge. Currently, these boats are located on the North Shore in both the Port Jefferson and Mount Sinai Harbors, and on the South Shore. In order to contact the pump-out boats, you may use channel 73 or simply wave them down as they patrol the local marina. New SS Pumpout Boat

These boats are operational Friday through Sunday, as well as on holidays, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (south shore) and 9:00 am to 3:30 pm (north shore). Additionally, Port Jefferson on the north shore and Sandspit Marina on the south shore have pump-out barges. For all other pump-out needs, please visit one of our 24-hour self-serve stations.

Self-Serve Stations

These self-serve stations can be found on the North Shore in Mount Sinai Harbor, located just East of Old Man’s Boat Yard, and in Port Jefferson Harbor, conveniently located at Danford's Marina. The self-serve stations on the South Shore are located at Corey Creek, Forge River, and Sands Pit Marina.

Enforcement Vehicles

We ensure the safety of our waterways by deploying and maintaining a fleet of enforcement vessels and vehicles on the North and South Shores and all of our waterways. While boating, to reach one of our Bay Constables, please use channel 16. Moreover, for all emergencies, use either radio channel 16, or call 911.