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Virtual Job Training Program

The Brookhaven Youth Bureau is holding a Virtual Job Training Workshops Program for youth ranging from 16 to 21 years of age.

Youth Bureau

The Brookhaven Youth Bureau’s mission is to support and encourage the moral, physical, mental and social well being of youth in Brookhaven Town. 

We accomplish this by providing services, programs and counseling for young people up to 24 years of age, while also monitoring and providing oversight for several youth agencies and programs that receive funding through Brookhaven Town.


From collecting food and clothes for the less fortunate, to providing internship opportunities for masters degree social work students, our highly trained professionals in the Youth Bureau are dedicated to serving the variety of needs necessary to support youth and families living in the largest geographic town in New York State.

Contact Us

For further information regarding our services and programs, please contact the Brookhaven Youth Bureau at 631-451-8011.

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