Receiver of Taxes

Town Hall is the ONLY in person payment location.

About the Tax Office

Our staff are here to serve you.

  • The office of the Receiver of Taxes is not a policy-making office; it is an administrative office. We do not make the tax rates; we only collect them.
  • Taxes are collected in accordance with New York State Real Property Tax Laws and the Suffolk County Tax Act.
  • If the bank pays your taxes, you will receive an informational bill from this office around the middle of July.
  • If you pay your own taxes, you will receive an original bill in mid-December. Please return this bill with your payment.

Tax Year

Town, County and School taxes in Suffolk County cover the period from December 1st to November 30th of the following year.

School Taxes

School budgets are set by your local school districts. Every year you have the opportunity to vote on the school budget. This determines the amount of taxes you will pay for schools in your district.

County Taxes

County Taxes are set by a county budget, approved by the County Executive and the Suffolk County Legislature.

Town Taxes

Town Taxes are set by a town budget, approved by the Supervisor and Town Board.

Public Hearings are set for school, county and town budgets.

Taxes Payable to Town Tax Receiver - Due Dates

Taxes become a lien on December 1st of each year. Taxes may be paid in two installments. You will receive one bill only. The following is a list of penalty %s and their effective dates:

  • 1% - January 10
  • 2% - February 10
  • 3% - March 10
  • 4% - April 10
  • 5% - May 10

The last payment date is May 31. Taxpayers who are receiving the enhanced STAR or over 65 exemption have an additional 5 business days from May 31 to make payment.