Payment of Taxes

Payment of Taxes

The Receiver of Taxes makes every effort to see that bills reach the taxpayer, however, the tax laws of Suffolk County state that payment of taxes on a timely basis is the responsibility of the property owner even if the tax bill has not been received. The property owner will be liable for all penalties and interest on late payments.

As tax bills are sent out in December, any person who purchases property in Suffolk County during the following year should contact the Receiver of Taxes to determine if all taxes are current. If you have not received a tax bill by the third week in December, and wish to make a payment, please contact our office.

Methods of Payment

Paying Online

Please use our Online Tax Payment Portal to pay your taxes online. You may also use our Interactive Tax Information Portal to view an electronic version of your tax bill.

Paying in Person

Please bring your original tax bill with you. Upon payment, your bill will be receipted and returned to you. Keep this bill as your receipt of payment. You will also need this bill to pay your second half taxes due May 31st.

Paying by Mail

Return proper stub with your payment. After payment has been recorded, a receipt will be mailed to you.


Checks should be made payable to: Louis J. Marcoccia, Receiver of Taxes. Please write your item number on your check. Please note: New York State Statute allows the town board to impose a $20 fee for dishonored checks.

Postmark Dates

If taxes are paid by mail, you will avoid penalty and interest if the envelope bears an official post office date stamp not later than the last day to pay in person. A metered postmark is not acceptable.


Most mortgages include an escrow account for the payment of taxes. If a property owner satisfies a mortgage in midyear, the property owner must check with the Receiver of Taxes to determine if the bank paid the total tax.