Water Resources

The Town of Brookhaven's federally funded Public Water Connection Program provides financial assistance to owner-occupied single-family homeowners of low to moderate income who are connecting to public water mains. The homeowner must reside in the home to be connected to public water. A 0% interest deferred loan pays for Suffolk County Water Authority (SCWA) meter and tap fees in addition to certain plumbing expenses involved in connecting your home to public water.

If you have access to an existing water main or are contracting privately with the SCWA for the installation of water mains, and are of low to moderate income, you may be eligible for this loan. Eligibility is determined by total household income and income guidelines. Please complete a one-page application to apply for this program. Once we receive your application, we will send you a letter requesting additional documents (PDF).

Additional documentation may be required.

Additional Information

Should you have any questions regarding the Town of Brookhaven's Public Water Connection Program, please contact the Division of Water Resources at 631-451-6600.