"Don't Bag It" Program

The "Don't Bag It" Program centers on a ban on Town collection of grass clippings. The Town advocates several possibilities to replace disposal of grass. These include use of a mulching mower, more frequent mowing with a conventional mower and letting the grass clippings lie on the lawn, and home composting of grass clippings (along with other organic materials). 

A more radical change is to adopt "xeriscaping" principles. This has come to mean a landscaping philosophy based on eliminating chemical and water intensive lawns where possible and plantings from local or regional sources, which do not require as much care and management as "artificial" gardens. 

Disposal of Grass

Under the Town’s “Don’t Bag It” policy, grass clippings are never collected. To dispose of bagged grass, please bring to the Manorville Compost Facility during their hours of operation for free.

More Information

Call 631-451-8696 for more information.