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  • Irene D’Abramo, Chairwoman
  • Mario Cavalieri
  • Gail Lynch-Bailey
  • Michael Wentz
  • Kristin MacKay
  • John Burke, Assistant Town Attorney


The Accessory Apartment Review Board makes decisions about applications for special permits to allow accessory apartments.


These plans must have been approved and stamped by our plans examiner and include all rooms with their sizes and uses, ceiling heights, size of all doors and windows. Windows must indicate opening size (height, width and area) if it is an opening for emergency and rescue. An applicant for an Accessory Apartment is to submit the following to the Building Division:

  • Application signed and notarized.
  • Three sets of floor plans of the entire house. Plans are to show rooms and their sizes, as well as ceiling heights (1st story, 2nd story, basement/cellar), size of all doors; windows must show clear opening size for emergency egress. All rooms are to be labeled. Plans to be reviewed by plans examiner prior to application.
  • Two copies of your property survey to scale.
  • PAAL Owner Affidavit for each owner listed on the deed.
  • Fee of $150. If paying by check, it is payable to the Town of Brookhaven.
  • Copies of all Certificate(s) of Occupancy issued for the subject premises.
  • Copies of the Certificates of Occupancy for all buildings and structures on the property.
  • Disclosure affidavit.
  • Pictures of house from front, rear, and sides as well as rear yard and front yard including driveway.
  • Certification of structures form.
  • Copy of Notice of Proposed Application sent to all adjacent and contiguous property owners by certified mail, return receipt requested. Property owners and their addresses must be obtained from the Assessor’s Office. Forms are not available online.
  • Affidavit of Mailing listing all adjacent and contiguous property owners as provided by the Assessor’s Office. Forms are not available online.
  • Copy of all pages of Recorded Deed.

View the Accessory Apartment Permit Application online or it may be obtained in person at the Building Division or through the mail by calling 631-451-6342.