Assessment Review Board


  • Carol Cavalieri
  • Evelyn Gallino
  • Danielle Preston
  • Alfred Walter

About the Board

The Town of Brookhaven Board of Assessment Review is a quasi-judicial board comprised of a Chairman and four members. By law, the Board elects its Chairman who serves a one year term. All members are appointed by the Town of Brookhaven Town Board for a five year term. Upon appointment or re-appointment they must also attend a special training session conducted by the Suffolk County Real Property Tax Service Agency.

Grievance Complaints

The members of the Board are responsible to review all Grievance Complaints on real property filed between May 1st and the third Tuesday in May, which is Grievance Day. Based upon the evidence presented in a Grievance Complaint the Board will determine whether a reduction in assessed value is justified.

Upon completion of their deliberations the Board will notify the Grievance Complainant or their designated representative of their determination via mail.

Small Claims Assessment Review Petitions

A property owner will then have the option of filing a Small Claims Assessment Review Petition for a residential one, two or three family owner occupied residence with the Suffolk County Clerk’s Office. For commercial Tax Certiorari proceedings, filings are made through the New York Office of Court Administration. Both types of litigation must be electronically filed within thirty days of the certification of the Town of Brookhaven Final Assessment Roll.