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Councilwoman Jane Bonner is a longtime advocate for the people of northeastern Brookhaven Town, where she was elected to the Town Council in 2007. Prior to her election, she served as the Legislative Aide to former Suffolk County Legislator Dan Losquadro. Jane has also served as president of the Rocky Point Civic Association, and during her tenure helped residents of the area by solving the problems they were experiencing in their neighborhoods. As a constituent services liaison she helped community members navigate their way through town, county, state and federal agencies.

Community Service

As the past president of the Rocky Point Revitalization and Beautification Committee, her vision for a better future through responsible planning continues to have a positive effect on the community. She secured more than a half million dollars in grant money for the Rocky Point downtown business corridor, making Main Street more attractive and improving the quality of life for all residents.


Today, Councilwoman Bonner is a leading voice for Brookhaven residents, small business owners, seniors, children and the environment. Her actions on behalf of the constituents that she serves make a positive impact on the community. The Route 25A Corridor Study, which helped to achieve smart growth development all along the district’s busiest road, has saved small business mom and pops from big box stores and over development. She rescued the Nature Center at Cedar Beach from demolition and created an educational environmental learning center for children, and preserved hundreds of acres of land as open space to be enjoyed for generations to come.


Councilwoman Bonner was also instrumental in establishing a new solar code that bans clear cutting trees for solar farms anywhere in the Town. Infrastructure projects that she has supported along the north shore protect the water quality of the Long Island Sound, Mount Sinai Harbor, Wading River Duck Pond and more. As Town Board Liaison to the Finance, Councilwoman Bonner has worked tirelessly to cut wasteful spending and save taxpayer dollars by supporting a fiscally conservative budget.

Councilwoman Jane Bonner will continue to work to help make Brookhaven Town a better place to live for everyone.