Disability Task Force

Disability Task Force Partner Meeting
  • Marlene Patti, Chair
  • Sonia Mehmood, Secretary
  • Angela Melledy
  • Bridget Costello
  • Dorothea Daniels
  • Hedi Flickstein
  • Jenny Anderson
  • Jill Cloonan
  • Diane Van Velsor
  • Melissa Pandoff
  • Melba Pabon
  • Roy Probeyhan
  • Glen F. Campbell, Compliance Committee Chair


On September 30, 2014 Supervisor Edward Romaine and the Town Board passed resolution 2014-672 establishing the Town of Brookhaven’s Disability Task Force.


Persons with disabilities and their families or care givers face daily challenges and the mission of the Brookhaven Disability Task Force is to provide the Town Board with information and recommendations that will help the Town in its efforts to develop programs and improve facilities in order to accommodate and offer equal opportunities for residents with special needs and allow them to be active members of our community. In addition to information on this page, please visit our disability services page.

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Ken's Krew and Disability Employment Awareness

The Town of Brookhaven's Disability Task Force supports the mission of Ken's Krew, which is an organization that provides job placement, training, and support for individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities in competitive employment.

Disability Task Force Video