Hispanic Advisory Board

Mission Statement

The Hispanic Advisory Board exists to serve as a liaison between the Hispanic community in the Town of Brookhaven and the Supervisor. The Board serves as a sounding board to the Town Board and will provide viable recommendations on policies that will advance the social and economic well-being of Hispanics and all citizens in the Town of Brookhaven.


The Hispanic Heritage Advisory Board meets once a month. Please call 631-451-6174 if you are interested in joining the board. 

Board Members

  • Guillermo Sandoval, Chairperson
  • Paula Andrea Arbelaez, Vice Chairperson
  • Sonya S. Dungee
  • Lorenza Gonzalez
  • Belinda Groneman
  • Ivette Felicano Guzman
  • Rigoberto Guzman
  • Jaime Ann Hechtman-Ulloa
  • Veronica Morante
  • Jose Nunez


  • To educate the public and our own community about the rich and varied history of Hispanics who have contributed to their community and the Long Island region.
  • Instill pride in our heritage by honoring those successful and accomplished Latinos who have come before us and will serve as examples of achievement for our youth.
  • Support, participate in and sponsor activities and educational venues geared to the Hispanic Community.
  • Increase Hispanic civic and volunteer participation within our community.
  • Improve the understanding of local government policies and procedures to the burgeoning Latino businesses and the Hispanic community at large.