Hispanic Advisory Board

Mission Statement

The Hispanic Advisory Board exists to serve as a liaison between the Hispanic community in the Town of Brookhaven and the Supervisor. The Board serves as a sounding board to the Town Board and will provide viable recommendations on policies that will advance the social and economic well-being of Hispanics and all citizens in the Town of Brookhaven.

Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

The Town of Brookhaven Hispanic Advisory Board was proud to present the 8th Annual Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration which was held on Friday, October 1, 2021 at 6:00 pm. Watch Video / Learn More


The Hispanic Heritage Advisory Board meets once a month. Please call 631-451-6174 if you are interested in joining the board. 

Board Members

  • Guillermo Sandoval, Chairperson
  • Paula Andrea Arbelaez, Vice Chairperson
  • Sonya S. Dungee
  • Lorenza Gonzalez
  • Belinda Groneman
  • Ivette Felicano Guzman
  • Rigoberto Guzman
  • Jaime Ann Hechtman-Ulloa
  • Veronica Morante
  • Jose Nunez


  • To educate the public and our own community about the rich and varied history of Hispanics who have contributed to their community and the Long Island region.
  • Instill pride in our heritage by honoring those successful and accomplished Latinos who have come before us and will serve as examples of achievement for our youth.
  • Support, participate in and sponsor activities and educational venues geared to the Hispanic Community.
  • Increase Hispanic civic and volunteer participation within our community.
  • Improve the understanding of local government policies and procedures to the burgeoning Latino businesses and the Hispanic community at large.