INTERFACE Steering Committee

Regular Meetings

  • 2nd Wednesday of every other month (excluding July and August)


  • Len Rothenberg, Event Marketing of Long Island, Chairman
  • Pat Casella, Coventry Realty
  • Maria Polak, Town of Brookhaven Assessors Office
  • George Rehn, Rehn, CPA
  • Fredrick Combs, Bellport, Hagerman, East Patchogue Alliance
  • Christine Carter, Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • Cheryl Merchoff, Holtsville IRS
  • Clarine Boone, Bellport, Hagerman, East Patchogue Alliance
  • Sonya Dungee, New Vision Pioneers
  • Carissa Kupferman, Town of Brookhaven Parks Department
  • Josephine Lunde, Town of Brookhaven Youth Division


In 1982, the Town established the INTERFACE program through the Youth Bureau in response to President Reagan’s Private Initiative Policy, where corporations were encouraged to cooperate with municipalities to help fill the voids created by domestic spending cuts. It is a public-private partnership between “good corporate neighbors’ and the Town of Brookhaven. We work together with a common goal to provide help to families that are less fortunate. The INTERFACE program provides a variety of goods and services to those in need through volunteerism and generous donations from our partners. The Town greatly appreciates the efforts of the volunteers and the generosity of Town residents who donate to all these worthy causes.

About the Committee

The INTERFACE steering committee is comprised of a chair and members representing businesses and individuals from the community, such as Brookhaven National Laboratory, Holtsville Internal Revenue Service, Coventry Realty, George Rehn CPA to name just a few. The steering committee meets several times during the year to review successes and recommend new ideas or projects as a need arises. Over the years, the Town has collaborated with over 150 businesses, schools, and hospitals in Brookhaven to provide this assistance.

Through INTERFACE, the Town strives to:

  • Provide goods and/or services to those in need
  • Address social problems such as hunger, housing and health
  • Promote volunteerism
  • Encourage other businesses to join and increase the diversity of our ability to help


Current projects include:

  • Turkey / food drive: over 700 families receive turkeys with all the trimmings
  • Toy drive: provides toys to over 6,000 children
  • Holiday food donations in December: over 90 families and food to 4 local pantries
  • School bag drive: provides over 1,500 children with school supplies and back packs
  • Totes for tots: provides displaced children with totes filled with personal items
  • Prom dresses: provides donated prom gowns for over 400 young girls annually
  • Winter coat drive
  • Used eye glass drive