Open Space Advisory


  • Thomas B. Williams, Chairman
  • Sidney Bail
  • Richard Berlinghof
  • Stephen Brown
  • Anthony Graves
  • George Hoffman
  • Bob Kessler
  • Elaine Morrison
  • Thomas Muller
  • Mitchell Pally, J.D.
  • Steve Papa
  • Christopher D. Riley
  • Timothy A. Rothang 
  • Dr. Herb Strobel
  • James Tripp, J.D.

About the Committee

The Open Space and Farmland Acquisition Advisory Committee, formed in 1999 through a duly-adopted resolution of the Town Board, currently consists of 15 members who were selected based on their expertise and to ensure adequate geographic representation throughout the Town.

The primary responsibility of this Committee is to advise the Town Board on the merits of proposed acquisitions of open space and farmland. Committee approval is a general prerequisite for Town Board acquisition of open space and farmland. The Committee, which meets on a regular basis, also advises the Town on open space funding and management issues.

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