Dinghy and Kayak Racks/Dock

Dinghy Docks, Dinghy Racks, and Kayak Racks

Dinghy Docks, Dinghy Racks, and Kayak Racks are located at the Mount Sinai Marina on Harbor Beach Rd, Mount Sinai, NY 11766.

Seasonal Dinghy/Kayak Racks

Seasonal Dinghy/Kayak Racks/Docks are sold on a first come, first serve basis. 2 Dinghy/Kayak Rack spots per household. If a third rack is purchased for the same household, your application will be terminated and no refund will be issued. There is no guarantee that you will be issued the same spot as the previous year. Dinghy Docks are only available to Mooring Permit holders. You must obtain your sticker from the Dockmaster before placing your Dinghy/Kayak in a spot. Dinghies and Kayaks must be removed from their spots at the end of the Boating Season. You Do Not need to have your Dinghy/Kayak with you at the time of purchase.

Dinghy Dock season is from May 7 - November 6
Dinghy/Kayak Rack season is from May 7 - November 30

You are responsible for securing your own Dinghy/Kayak to your assigned spot. The Town is not responsible for any stolen or lost Dinghy/Kayaks.


  • Dinghy Rack: $33.00
  • Kayak Rack: $33.00
  • Dinghy Dock: $121.00 (only available to Mount Sinai Mooring Permit Holders)

*To add a second Kayak to your assigned spot it is an additional $33.00*
*Limited Double Spots Available*

Online Request Form

Use our online request form for a spot at the Mount Sinai Marina for a Dinghy Rack, Kayak Rack, or Dinghy Dock. Limited spaces available and fill up quickly.

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For more information on Dinghy Docks, Dinghy Racks and Kayak Racks email LDembinski@BrookhavenNY.gov