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Posted on: January 2, 2018

Superintendent Losquadro Offers Road-Related Tips for Winter

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Brookhaven, NY – – As we anticipate what the winter of 2018 will have in store for Brookhaven Town, Highway Superintendent Daniel P. Losquadro has prepared some road-related tips to assist motorists and residents.

During any given storm, Superintendent Losquadro manages about 250 pieces of Town-owned equipment out on the roads; during a larger snow event, he calls in an additional 500 pieces of equipment driven by hired contractors.

“First and foremost, although it may seem obvious: Don’t travel unless you absolutely have to,” Losquadro said. The less people on the roads during storms, the easier it is for plows to clear the roads. In addition, people traveling in severe storms can become easily stranded in their vehicles. “It bears repeating – please stay off the roads during a snow storm. If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911 and let help come to you.”

Second, “Park cars in the driveway and off the street before a storm,” Losquadro said, noting that simple step will allow plows to push the snow back to the curb line, making the road much wider and safer for travel. Keeping cars out of the street also benefits residents digging out after a storm. “It’s much easier to dig out a vehicle that only has freshly fallen snow on it, as opposed to snow that has been compacted by a plow,” he said.

Another tip that makes digging out after a storm a little easier involves how residents shovel. “While shoveling the driveway, never throw snow to the left, facing toward the street; instead throw it to the right and then clear out about 10 to 20 feet along the curb line, to the left of your driveway,” Losquadro said. “This will give an area for snow to accumulate when it comes off the plow blade and there won’t be snow to get pushed back into your driveway. If you throw the snow to the left, when the plows come by facing the direction of traffic, that snow that you just threw out into the street or piled up next to your driveway is going to get pushed back in.”

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